Squatting is a wonderful and powerful exercise that helps to improve your overall body fitness.

You can get interesting fitness results by making squatting exercise a part of your daily routine.

It is easy. It is simple. You don’t need special machine to carry out the exercise and it can be done anywhere.

This exercise has been misunderstood for years. Sometimes it is seen as a form of “punishment” while in some cases, people often regard it as an exercise for the leg.

But all these misconceptions are not completely TRUE. Squat does not only benefit your legs, it is also beneficial to your entire body system.

In this article, I will be sharing with you 8 different reasons why you need to add squat exercise to your daily routine.

Also, after explaining these 8 reasons why you need to do squat exercise, I will explain to you the proper way to perform a squat exercise. http://www.debenhams.com/women/sports-leisure .

 Mobility and Balance

Many aged people struggle with balance and stability as they advance in age. And frequent falls as a result of instability can lead to serious complications or long bed – rest.

The activity of squat exercise helps to improve the communication between your brain and body muscle. By so doing, it helps with stability and balance.

Squatting plays an important role to strengthen your stability muscle. They help you with stronger legs and also increase your leg strength.

As you do squat exercise, your muscles are working actively, therefore reducing frictions and also abating bone fracture. Subsequently, you will notice that movement is far easier and less stressful for you as you advance in age.

Muscle Building

Squat does not only build the muscles of your legs, they also create an environment that encourages the muscle building of the entire body.

When the squat exercise is performed in the proper manner or as recommended, it initiates the release of Human growth Hormone (HGH) in your body.

And Human growth hormone is a very important factor that helps your body in so many ways including your muscles.

Not just that, squat exercise also triggers the release of testosterone in your body be it male or female.

The Human growth hormone and testosterone released during squat exercises are very vital for your muscle growth. And it increases the muscle mass of your entire body (both upper and lower regions).


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